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Listed in genres:
· Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics

Limited to 150 copies in a special wooden package.

Liner Notes:"Peak Experience" was the very first widely available Maeror Tri cassette, it was released in 1989 in two versions: the first was released by the american cassette label Harsh Reality Music, the second appearead later on the german label Bestattungsinstitut.

The first version had two tracks ("Small Faces" and "Growing Rotation") which were replaced by two never tracks ("Cursed Colours" and "Endless Space") on the second version. This CD-R re-release is a fully remastered version of the german edition.

All material was originally recorded in 1988/1989 on an analogue 4-tracks recorder.

Tracks 1 to 5 (the A side of the original cassette) showcase the harsher and raw industrial roots of the band, while tracks 6 to 11 (the B side of the original cassette) point towards more dark ambient areas.

The track "Boundary To Insanity" was a live improvised harsh noise opera that existed in different versions. This re-release of "Peak Experience" contains the relatively short fifth version.
(BarakaH, June 2004)

01. My Electrocution (9:12)
02. Sneaking Movement (2:32)
03. Sensory Deprivation (4:16)
04. Cursed Colours (2:42)
05. Boundary To Insanity 5 (White Noise In My Head) (10:32)
06. Talita Kum! (5:05)
07. Translucent Vault (5:56)
08. Wovoka (4:04)
09. The Threat (5:18)
10. Endless Space (4:05)
11. The Last Perception (4:16)
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