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· Electronica, Ambient

"Kintopp", the acclaimed Cologne musician's third album, is his best and most complete to date. Reuber draws from many years of experience in the field of psychedelic electronic music, both solo and as one half of the duo Klangwart (with Markus Detmer) with whom he recorded two full-length albums ("Köln-Olpe", "Zwei").

"Kintopp" (a colloquial German expression for "cinema") narrates a movie; instead of words, it creates images in the mind of the listener. In the style of a collage, associative sounds and sequences from various different musical contexts were reassembled and interwoven with each other. The new musical pieces thus composed offer plateaus rich in imagery and emotion - a point of departure for the audience's imagination, travelling alongside the story or beyond it.

About Reuber's first album "Anna" (staubgold 8) Vital Weekly wrote: "The result is a cosmic trip with sounds moving everywhere, very vivid. With some of the overtones I was reminded of Steve Reich on acid with electricity up his you know what. It's very pleasant music to sit through, read the newspaper and enjoy life."

About Reuber's second album "ruhig blut" (staubgold 18) The Wire wrote: "Timo Reuber is the creator of burnished electronic surfaces with Markus Detmer as part of the Cologne based outfit Klangwart. His latest solo offering comprises three carefully constructed pieces that nervously tweak the listener's expectations. Following an extended opening study of stillness and minutely shaded points of transition, the second track immediately hurls itself into a concentrated expresion of compressed distortion and relentless repetition that sweats, labours and interrupts itself to a merciless overload over 20 minutes. Which makes the small moments of dreamy quiescence contained in the closing composition, 'Schlaf gut', all the more.
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