redukt 017: Various Artists - 11YRM - CD    6.00 euro        

11 years Reduktive Musiken birthday compilation with exclusive tracks from almost all projects which was released on RM in the last 11 years.

From Drone Ambient over Abstract Sound Collages to Harsh Noise.

We decide to sell this cd for a low price.
Get a drink to us and have fun!

The soundsample contains 20 seconds (hard cut) of every track.

01. Paulina Dieb - Untitled Composition for Handcut Lock Grooves 1 (3:41)
02. Praying for Oblivion - Totality (1:44)
03. Notstandskomitee - See Europe Collapsing (2:58)
04. Mundkrach - Watch (120918) (4:48)
05. Bernhard Schreiner - Different Grounds (0:35)
06. Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels daheim - Beben und wimmern im Innern (6:34)
07. Totstellen - Informationsgehalt ∞ (Answeringmachine Exhumed) (6:00)
08. Sudden Infant - Creepy Crawl One (2:52)
09. Izanami's Labour Pains - The Highest Truth (4:20)
10. Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - l`effarante beauté du chaos ne le séduirait plus (5:00)
11. m. stabenow - Hühnerstall (3:27)
12. TBC - Maschinentraining für Kinder (Auszug) (5:03)
13. Audible Pain - Otitis Media Acuta (5:01)
14. Freie Hand - The City Of Tomorow Excerpt (10:05)
15. Audiophile Datenverarbeitung - Manometrische Flamme (5:29)
16. Wäldchengarten - The Deerstalker (3:57)
17. Government Alpha - Frame­Up (4:45)
18. Big City Orchestra - 2.04 Stand (3:55)

redukt 016: Sudden Infant - Things That Happened - LP    16.00 euro        
cover  We are proud to present this LP by the very know Sudden Infant (Joke Lanz)!

"Joke Lanz aka Sudden Infant creates an unique blend of physical sound-poetry and dadaistic vocals, using contact microphones, prerecorded soundloops and noises.
The result is abrupt Musique Concrète juxtapositions of spasmodic gibbering and a battery of disorienting electronics. It's a fragmented field of sound that comes to its own autonomy!" []

Two great live recordings which shows more the competence of Joke Lanz then the most studio recordings!

Edition of 300 copies on coloured 180g vinyl.
3 colours are availabel: blue, red, green!

( A small part of the edition comes 2-coloured: blue/red or red/green. )
-> Most of the double colored are only minimal speckled. So we decide not to offer them as special limited version. Try your luck.

Artwork by St.Martin of Margitt Holzt.

Art edition of 10 copies with handmade artwork by St.Martin will come too in our Single Copy series with Cat.No. rmsc 003.

Girl side: Termite Club, Leeds, England (Live 2004-08-21)
Boy side: Rote Flora, Hamburg, Germany (Live 2007-10-04)

redukt 014: TBC / Synthetische Mischgewebe, Das - Split - CD    10.00 euro        
cover  Das Synthetische Mischgewebe is Guido Hübner, living in Cean, France. He is some of the leading modern electro-acustic composers of today. Many mentionable releases he has done in the last years: a collaboration retropersective for Monochrome Vision or the collaboration with The New Blockaders. Out of isolation he is always looking to work with other musicans in some or other way. So seems to be natural to do a split-CD for Reduktive Musiken and Wachsender Prozess. His track is dry, only filtering effects based surrealistic domestic home noises composition on objectsound. Yes, it is in some sense quit, but noise as can be. It's seems the home be a living organismen!

TBC is Thomas Beck, the man behind Wachsender Prozess. His track is a tour de france of cut-up technics. Sometimes loud, sometimes sensual quit with some aural shock effects. They use all technics of modern composition: noise, fieldrecording, abstract electronics, plunderphonic and ambient in one composition. It's like a best of or showcase recording.

Lim. to 300 copies.

1. Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Notre Besoin D'Attachement Est Aussi Celui De Rupture (39:53)
2. TBC - They Never Come To Hit The Public (20:17)

redukt 015: Audible Pain - Between The Manic Phases - 5x 3inch CDr Box    12.00 euro        
cover  Perhaps the hardest Minimal Harsh Noise ever! Impossible to listen all tracks in one time!

Comes with 4 different covers.
Each CDr have another color. Each track has an insert card with the title picture on colored paper.

Limited to 60 copies!

1.1. (18:33)
2.1. (11:20)
2.2. (7:41)
3.1. (7:28)
3.2. (3:23)
3.3. (5:02)
3.4. (5:55)
4.1. (5:24)
4.2. (16:25)
5.1. (21:30)

Please note in the message of your order the letter of the cover you wish. Otherwise we decide it for you.