F.S. Blumm more from F.S. Blumm  "Ankern"  CD
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On his second solo album after last year's "Mondkuchen" (morr music) multi-instrumentalist Frank Schültge aka F.S. Blumm from Berlin presents again a multitude of lovely instrumental pop songs, with his guitar, horn and trumpet (Harald "Sack" Ziegler), vibes (Patrick Leuschner), mbira, kalimba and toy piano being the favourite ingredients of his sound kitchen. The musical result is in a way original that the popular namedropping doesn´t help that much to describe F.S.Blumm´s music. Nevertheless bands and projects like Gastr Del Sol or others who work on the combination of improvised elements with pop-approved structures come to mind, as well as American folk pioneer John Fahey or minimal music representatives Pauline Oliveros and David Behrman for their similar sense of poise and release.
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