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Paul Wirkus is a drummer from Poland who has been playing jazz and improvised music for quite some time. During the `80s he played in the well-known polish punk band Karcer, by the end of the `90s he participated in a post-rock project by the name of Mapa (you might remember the article about them in the Wire magazine).

All this information Paul Wirkus does not judge as important, and indeed, to approach the music on his new solo album, it really isnŽt. What is important is the fact that this CD - the music on which could broadly be described as "minimal electronica" - is PaulŽs third release under his own name. The first was a cassette by the title of "Echo" on Gusstaff Records (which also saw a release on CD-R, albeit limited to 50 copies). This first solo-outing was followed by the cd "Mimikry" on the same label.

This time, he didnŽt want to be too experimental and just rely on the powers of commination of the work itself. The music on this release was created live with several MiniDisc-players hooked up to effects instead of, as one might think, by editing processes done with computers. Thus the tracks have a warmer, more organic character than most other electro-acoustic music. Accidents, coincidences, minute shifts and "aural snap shots" characterise this music. In contrast to earlier solo-outings, not only samples of strings and piano and white noise are to be heard, but also generated analogue sounds, fragmentary melodies and even vocals. One of the tracks on which he sings is called `blaskŽ which roughly translates to `shimmerŽ, a word that characterises his music very well. Paul is primarily concerned with the sound of the voice itself, his lyrics are more or less "open". Searching and finding. Sometimes, he says, it takes some time to realise that youŽve already got what you want.
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