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After their self-released 3"CD series gained them a lot of reputation throughout the world of electronic music, Viennese trio Thilges 3 now presents its first full-length album release "Die offene Gesellschaft" which translates as "the open society". As well as with their previous releases, the basis of this project is a series of live performances, this time held in the small Austrian city of Feldkirch in the summer of 2001. Thilges 3 performed with children in a nursery home, played in front of Buddhist monks, criminals and old people. Field recordings captured at the various locations, live material and studio work were combined and condensed to 8 diverse pieces that found their way on this album.
Thilges 3 - Armin Steiner, Gammon, Nik Hummer - a formation founded in 1996 out of a spontaneous live performance, are working and experimenting with " live performance electroacoustic installations" utilising only analog synthesizers for soundgeneration and engineering. The flexible use of this technology enables a dynamism far beyond usual MIDI logic. Through permanent work on the configuration of the various modules new ideas form all the time which surpass concepts of mere sound creation. Since live performances reflect the ultimate goal for Thilges 3 the confrontation with the sound potential / architecture of the venue are an integral part of their music. The rapid motion of sound patterns combined with the free movement of the listener provides a completely new access to rhythmic electronic music.
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