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"Not a rocker. Not an electronic artist. A sensual, a feeling person. No copy-art. In these times of senseless struggles for sovereignty at the musicians´ regular table, Suchy is the cowboy with the Indian´s face." This is what one of Germany´s biggest daily newspapers recently wrote about Joseph Suchy, "Cologne´s very own professor of guitar research". They got it spot on.

In the global improv & avantgarde community, the born Franconian is no unknown person. He collaborated with artists like David Grubbs, Ekkehard Ehlers, Niobe and FX Randomiz; he is a permanent member of Burnt Friedmann´s Nub Dub Players; and he was one of the founders of Cologne-based cult-improv-label Grob. The musical sensitivity of this slightly odd artist in his mid-forties is hard to match.

"calabi.yau" is Suchy´s new solo-outing. It´s a music of delicate sounds, in which acoustic guitars and electro-acoustic signals are woven into non-linear, fragile sound sculptures. At times, this music borders on sensory deception (what is this sound? Electric or acoustic?); it is an illustrated broadsheet of a strange, yet familiar reality. Suchy cunningly and imperturbably evades the categorisations of contemporary modern music: What he does is giving his listeners a carte blanche to dream. Or, as the artist himself puts it: "Music in search of the freakwave".
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