Kat Cosm, The more from Kat Cosm, The  "Knightboat"  MLP
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   Staubgold more from Staubgold  staubgold 047
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· Electronica, Ambient

Features remixes by Leafcutter John (Planet ), TenEcke (Calla) and Mondomarc (Mondo Fumatore).

It's the small things in life which make sure that though being chained to all kinds of dreary everyday routines you do not forget that life is essentially beautiful. When the sun is shining, when somebody unexpectedly turns and smiles at you or when you discover some beautiful new music - that's life. This new record by Kat Cosm is like all these things at once. When listening to it, you'll probably feel a pale winter sun shine on your face or it will simply make you smile. And of course it's a great record!

More of less as a bonus, we are presented three remixes of the first track. Leafcutter John (Planet ) in his mix emphasises both the songwriting-side and the electronic aspect of Kat Cosm's music. Thus it sounds like an update of the Beach Boys before mutating into almost grotesque digital noise. The second remix is supplied by TenEcke (Calla). He deconstructs the original piece without robbing it of its original charm. The final remix is by Mondomarc (Mondo Fumatore; Marc and Gwen have also contributed additional vocals to the original track). He puts beats at the track's centre and creates something completely new from the source material.
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