We are always interested into your music!
But at the time many releases are planned and so we are not interested in demos for releases.

Sorry! Perhaps later again...

But if you like you can send your "hard" demos like CDrs or tapes anyhow (no mp3 links please).

You can send it to:
M. Stabenow bei Heinzelmann
Bramfelder Chaussee 216
22177 Hamburg

Please check out the mp3s on the Releases site before!
We don't release Gothic, Rock, Techno, EBM,...  Only experimental music!

Please note your Email on the cover!

If we don't answer in the next 3 months it means we don't like your music.
But it means NOT that your music is bad. It's only our opinion - not more.

We don't accept links to mp3s. -> We become 1 to 10 mp3 links a day. It's too much!
Thank you!