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· Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics

We are proud to present this LP by the very know Sudden Infant (Joke Lanz)!

"Joke Lanz aka Sudden Infant creates an unique blend of physical sound-poetry and dadaistic vocals, using contact microphones, prerecorded soundloops and noises.
The result is abrupt Musique Concrète juxtapositions of spasmodic gibbering and a battery of disorienting electronics. It's a fragmented field of sound that comes to its own autonomy!" []

Two great live recordings which shows more the competence of Joke Lanz then the most studio recordings!

Edition of 300 copies on coloured 180g vinyl.
3 colours are availabel: blue, red, green!

( A small part of the edition comes 2-coloured: blue/red or red/green. )
-> Most of the double colored are only minimal speckled. So we decide not to offer them as special limited version. Try your luck.

Artwork by St.Martin of Margitt Holzt.

Art edition of 10 copies with handmade artwork by St.Martin will come too in our Single Copy series with Cat.No. rmsc 003.

Girl side: Termite Club, Leeds, England (Live 2004-08-21)
Boy side: Rote Flora, Hamburg, Germany (Live 2007-10-04)
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