Body Cargo we have only this from Body Cargo / Pogrom we have only this from Pogrom  "Resistance"  CD
»Resistance« cover
   Label   Catalog No.
   Terror we have only this from Terror   TR-005
  Cipher Productions more from Cipher Productions  sic 075
Listed in genres:
· Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics
· Drones, Dark Ambient

Seep and dark Droning Noise and Power Electronics.

"This album has united two Lithuanian projects under a theme of resistance. Papua New Guinea cannibals' resistance against outsider effects is different from resistance of interwar period Lithuanian guerrillas, but you can find these associations on a musical plane, and Body Cargo and Pogrom each present their own interpretations. Both projects deliver four solo tracks each. Body Cargo's creations are filthy post-morten and Pogrom this time seeks a balance between aggression and romance (there's even a piano!). There are also two joint tracks, where first Pogrom does sounds and Body Cargo delivers vocals and then vice versa." [label info / Terror]

Come in jewel case with 8 page booklet.
Limited to 300 copies.

01. Body Cargo - Birth Of Iron God (3:22)
02. Body Cargo - Black Smoke Obelisks (8:59)
03. Body Cargo - Gutpath (6:59)
04. Body Cargo - Sacred Is All Red (5:25)
05. Body Cargo - Resistance (Survival Method) (5:48)
06. Pogrom - Resistance (Guerilla Method) (6:02)
07. Pogrom - Dar Negimęs (Igarka) (7:14)
08. Pogrom - Pradeginta Uniforma (5:38)
09. Pogrom - Toks Melsvas Vakaras... (7:44)
10. Pogrom - Girioj Gulęs (8:29)
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